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Atlantic Trade International has a strong background that is coupled with a flexible and adaptable organizational structure. Our resilient foundations are based on strategic alliances and business associates with proven track records of academic and professional skills, experience and achievements.

Among others, we have developed international business projects with West Emirates Petroleum Company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and  Global Energy Services based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the food commodity sector, we have developed solid relationships with suppliers that range from the meat ( Bovine, Avian and Swine) sector, rice and general grains of one end of the spectrum to coffee producers, olive oil manufacturers and sugar cooperatives to the other end of the spectrum.

Further, we also have tracked experience with ferrous and non-ferrous minerals and materials such as iron fines, manganese, chromium, bauxite, tantalum, copper, used rails, HMS 1 and 2 among others.

Last but not least, we have developed strong relationships with suppliers of energy products ranging from Jatropha and Palm Oil for Biofuel production, Sugar cane based ethanol, to traditional energy processed and non-processed inputs. Finally, we have a close rapport with a solar panel manufacturer in Canada and USA.



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